The good life is ever changing, challenging, devoid of regret, intense, creative and risky.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Hedge Up!

Hedge Up!

Do you dream?

Do you dream big?

Do you want to surf in the waves of the FinTech industry development?

Here are opportunities for you from a FinTech firm based in Beijing.


Led by hedge fund managers from Wall Streetand supported by global capital,

Clipper Advisor brings the most advanced US robo-advisor business model to the wealth management industry in China.

What are you waiting for?
Who are we looking for?

We offer our employees competitive compensation packages above market standards. We believe compensation is not about the money, but about respect and fulfillment. Your hard work is our best reward. Compensation includes base salary, bonus and options. At Clipper Advisor, talent, effort and productivity will be rewarded.

Work Environment

We are in Beijing, but away from Zhongguancun and CBD. We are located in the artistic 798. We like to cultivate a cultural and spiritual atmosphere because our employees are our best ambassadors.

Currently Available Positions