Global asset allocation
With one click

Clipper Advisor brings to Chinese clients the “Yale Model”, which is widely accepted in developed financial markets. Through mobile web applications clientsnetwork achieve “global asset allocation by one click”.

Zhen Liu, Founder

RMB Depreciation?

We provide a portfolio investing in QDII (Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor) stocks and bonds to protect portfolio returns and minimize RMB currency risk.

No access to overseas investments?

We build up a globally diversified portfolio that invests in USD denominated, developed and emerging market equities, bonds, commodities and real estate to seek high yield and low risk.

Simple Intelligent Automated Personal

Clipper Advisor provides investment services to our clients, so they can focus on their career and life.




We simplify complicated financial theories and models, and visualize complex financial concepts with interactive diagrams to help investors make rational, informed decisions


We adopt modern portfolio theory, behavioral finance principles, complex quantitative models and massive financial data, then utilize the power of supercomputer to create optimal asset allocations for our investor clients


The global financial market is constantly changing. Our automated system, which constantly detects and analyzes the market in real time, makes timely and appropriate adjustments to ensure portfolio optimization


We adopt the latest research in behavioral finance to reach a better understanding of investors’ requirements and preferences. Combine robo-advisor and advice from a real person to deliver services to our investors seamlessly, online and offline, around the clock.

Who we are

Clipper Advisor inherits the spirit of both Wall Street hedge fund and Silicon Valley startups. The “HedgeUp” gene is deeply rooted in the company’s culture.

Mr. Liu spent more than two decades on Wall St., managing multiple global hedge funds with proven records. Mr. Liu Joined E Fund as the head of Index and Quantitative Investment in 2009. Launched the first ever hedge fund in China in 2010, managing over $10 billion in assets. Founded Clipper Advisor in 2015, the first robo-advisor in China.

Clipper Advisor is changing finance with technology, creating a brand new investment experience for investors. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we welcome you to join the Clipper Advisor team.

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How we invest

Clipper Advisor brings to Chinese clients the “Yale Model”, which is widely accepted in developed financial markets. Through mobile web applications clientsnetwork achieve “global asset allocation by one click”.

Yale Model

The Yale Model is based on modern portfolio theory and invests in low correlation asset classes, including stocks, bonds, international stocks, hedge funds, private equities and real estate investments. Yale’s endowment has adopted this model since the 1990s with fantastic results, even throughout the 2008 financial crisis. The Yale model has become best practice for institutional investors worldwide.

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